That's why I hate clocks and I'm always late.

By Vanessa Silva April 19, 2012 22:25

I'm one of those people who has some issues with waking up early and a small tendency to put off stuff until the very last second.
This isn't the first time it's happened to me and since procrastination is my middle name it's gonna be tough to get it straight.
So I've got this clock near my bathroom which is always 10 minutes advanced in an attempt to help me not be late so often.
My parents have to set it once in a while because of daylight savings... Yeah, as if it's my main thought: daylight savings...
One time, I was combing my hair and chatting with my mom and as I glanced at the watch, i realized that i was running out of time and had to hurry up.
It was 14h23 (like I said: 10minutes, so i thought it was 14h13) and the bus passes by at 14h15. But then i forgot about that for a few seconds and finished what i was doing.
(I just need 1 min. to make it to the bus stop near my home, so i was kinda on time...)
Everything was going smoothly but then I went to the livingroom and the clock: 14h26. I was like: FFFFF.... (sorry) OH NOES!
Yep, my parents had set the clocks...
I ran out the door and as I was closing it i realized that i had already missed the bus.
Just great. Well...


Lesson learned: 2 things: I can't trust the clocks around the house and I really need to get my butt out of bed earlier...

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  • April 22, 2012 13:55 By Adriano Santos

    Yeap, if u get out of bed like 2H earlier u get a margin of 5min before missing the bus xD being a woman kinda "sucks" in that way :P , being a man is easier, u get up, look at the ceiling, look at the wall, u snooze the clock 10 min more, go grab something to eat, look at the clock and realize u have to make up something to do cause there are 20 min left remaining until u leave the house plus the 5min u take to get to the bus stop, there are exceptions but is almost the same for every man.

  • April 22, 2012 15:41 By Vanessa Silva

    I usually don't waste my time with girlie stuff ... ;__;
    (Ok, sometimes I do! But not that time... )I just LOVE being in bed until the very last minute, after snoozing the clock 100times xD and I'm like "ok, i only have 5 minutes to get ready... meeeh, that will do" ... And I can catch the bus... just like a lady! xD ( most of the time :P)

  • April 22, 2012 20:14 By Adriano Santos

    HEehHEeh LOl , awesome! There are days when im feeling like snooze my alarm about a million times too, particularly at winter when the bed is warm and comfy :D or sometimes when im overawaken (i just invented that word).
    I was thinking in a way u could (futurely for some reason) trick ur brain in thinking u snoozed the clock many times over and over, for example, if u reduce the snooze time by half u get the same effect and u double the amount of free time to get ready ! xD who knows if it will work, probably it will xD the brain works in misterious waysssssss (imagine that last part sounding like u were listening an old lady telling a ghost story) :P

    This part is for the admin of the website, we need some text formating on the response part too!!! :P

  • April 22, 2012 22:33 By Vanessa Silva

    I'll figure it out somehow... Must resist the snoozing thing xD
    "This part is for the admin of the website, we need some text formating on the response part too!!! "
    em bom português: trata lá desta m****, Ricardo! xD