I could have done better at school.

By Ricardo Marques April 16, 2012 17:56


The first time someone asked me what I liked to be when I grew up I said: I wanna be a veterinarian. I must have been around 8. I liked playing with animals so the prospect of beeing around them for a living seemed like a nice idea.

In the mean time I had to finish my education. Primary school (4 years, 6-10) was easy, middle school (5 years, 10-15) was boring and high school (3 years, 15-18) was... well... lets say "interesting".

Don't know when but my plans for beeing a veterinarian got lost, and I tryed to figure something out. It was a hardtime since I didn't have a clue of what I wanted to do anymore, but I decided Computer Engeneering.

I finished high school with average grades, just high enough for me to get into the University/College I chose. I could have done a lot better in high school, even considering I didn't do my best even while in middle school. But my lazzyness took over and I only did as much as I needed to get into University.

Well I did get into the University I wanted, but in the end the course was a bit diferent from what I was thinking, as I realised it would most likely involve a life of me sitting in a desk looking at a computer screen. So as this happened wondered If I would have problems changing courses because of my crappy high school grades...

Guess what?!? I was right...

The plan I had for college was in the dumpester and I was having trouble getting into the course I did like then, Biology.

In the end my lazzyness screwed me and kind of ruined my higher education.

To be fair, my parents did warn me to have good grades to get into the course I wanted. Which I did, problem was I then changed my mind.

Lesson learned: You might have a life planned that doesn't need perfect grades, but what happens if you change your mind later on? Always give your best in school.

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  • April 17, 2012 08:52 By Adriano Santos

    After reading that deep and introspective view (=P) i recognize it kinda happened the same to me too, but with a small diference, when i was at high school i already knew my lazyness had done its damage and i started thinking what should i do with my life, what should i need to learn to be someone kinda self-suficient or (using a better word) autonomous, so i started doing (jobs and tasks) almost anything i could get (no people, prostitution is not the way to go xD) and i realized something my parents told me years ago, life's hard and you gotta work through it, im not dumb (i think LOL) just very very veeery lazy and learning by books sometimes its needed and i highly agree on that, but i hate it a lot. In the end, i know i shoulda tried harder, i had everything i needed for that, but in the end i feel kinda disapointed with school, u learn a lot of many subjects but in the end you don't know a bit how its gonna be in the real world, and i know first handed, it can be a bit disapointing.

  • April 17, 2012 16:56 By PedroFM

    A BANANA!? Really? All those years in the making.. and your website's symbole is a banana!?!?! (Tu nunca me enganaste!!!) On top of that.. its in shades of green!? Ridiculous! =\

    All 8 year old kids want to be veterinarians!! All!! Well.. except the ones who prefer to set cats on fire instead of cuddling them.. =s Anyway.. i wanted to be a veterinarie as well.. that is.. untill i discovered that i have somewhat of a problem with.. blood and guts and.. ah.. hanging by a thread members.. =s
    After that I wanted to be a pensionary like my grandfather! That kind of didnt work out.. for some reason the state wasnt convinced =S

    Yeah.. kids.. you should study and get good grades to be someone in life.. bla bla bla...
    I thought the idia of this website was to tell funny things that happen to us. Not a "tell us your tragic useless childhood" diary =s
    Anyway.. whatever you do.. AVOID math at any cost!!!

    Damn my english is rusty!! I probably wrote many words wrong.. but you now what?.. I dont care.. im not gonna go search for errors and correct them.. You want to know why?.. Because im as lazzy as you are! ..maybe more.. most certenly more.. (e esta mer... [ah pera nao queres palavroes] esta coisa devia ser em português!!! Tamos em Portugal! [besta!])


  • April 17, 2012 16:57 By PedroFM

    Esta coisa não mete parágrafos!? como diria o Adriano.. "que fail.." =s

  • April 17, 2012 17:01 By PedroFM

    By the Way.. there should be a button saiyng.. "sort of happened to me!"

  • April 17, 2012 17:18 By Adriano Santos

    From the beggining:

    Not that lazy after all :P
    Btw, awesome answer xD not dramatic at all, "tell us your tragic useless childhood" like a cherry on top of a cake LULZ xD